January 1, 1

How to define "Green?" Today there are many groups certifying what their 'definition' of green is. D.B. Becker, in our effort to provide Green, High-Performance / Value-Add, Specialty Raw Materials consider all the following: Low or No VOC, Bio-Renewable Content, HAPs Free, APE-Free, Limited or Free of Storage / Handling Hazards, No or Low Odor, along with Longer Life Systems or Formulations (requires less recoat / replacement thus providing a greener carbon footprint).

Our Raw Material Distribution focus is in a number of sectors including water-borne, UV, and High-Solids providing renewable raw materials, Low VOC, and High-Performance. We are involved in markets including Paint, Ink, Adhesive, Urethane, Lubricant, Construction, Plastics, and Cosmetic all demanding raw materials with the “green” stamp.

It is our goal to support our customers in their development of New “Green” Chemistries that will offer performance advantages along with helping the environment. If a customer / formulator is looking for Growth in the Green Market, we would highly suggest looking at our product portfolio and speak with our technical professionals for suggestions. We can make the difference!

Examples of "Green" Technology

- Low VOC Water-Borne Resin Systems to achieve the demands of the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

- Urethane Technolgy for High Solids, Exceptional Performance, 0 VOC. Specialty Polyols derived renewable resources to help better our world.

- UV / EB Formulation work with 0 VOC and APE Additives to benefit the environment and wildlife.

- Environmentally friendly biocides and preservatives for use in water-borne systems.

This is only a small portion of what is available. Should you like to see more, please contact us for additional information.