In 1954 D.B. Becker Co., Inc. was established as a Manufacturer's Representative working in the Paint and Coatings Market.

It was not until 1989 that Daniel T. Canavan Jr. began the conversion from Manufacturer's Representative to Distribution. This change allowed D.B. Becker to better service our customer via local stocking, quality product, and competitive pricing.

With the conversion to Distribution, D.B. Becker also expanded more deeply into the Paint, Ink, Adhesive, Coating, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Construction, Plastic, Lubricant, Cosmetic and allied markets. This diversification provided a solid platform for growth that continued through into the 21st century.

D.B. Becker Co., Inc. has reached its 60th Anniversary in 2014 and continues to run all corporate operations out of the HQ, Clinton, NJ, where they moved in May of 2007.

During the month of July 2015, the D.B. Becker Co., Inc. was fully acquired by the Maroon Group LLC. D.B. Becker and Maroon Group are aligned with multiple synergies including geography, product portfolio, customer focus, culture and sustainability. The combination of D.B. Becker and the Maroon Group will only offer both enhanced service and an expanded portfolio of technologies and products further benefiting the overall customerbase.

D.B. Becker, a Maroon Group LLC Company, will continue to support the logistics and technical development in the Paint, Ink, Coating, Adhesive, Epoxy, Plastic, Polyurethane and Allied Markets with Emphasis on High-Performance, Value-Add and Environmentally Friendly Raw Materials. Our approach within D.B. Becker, a Maroon Group LLC Company, with 'Green Friendly' and 'Renewable' Technologies, is essential for both our companies and customers today and into the future.