New Green Friendly Products from Celanese


EcoVAE 401 is a vinyl acetate/ethylene emulsion designed for low odor paint applications. Paints utilizing the emulsion can be formulated without any coalescing solvents resulting in low VOC, environmentally-friendly products. EcoVAE 401 is also APE-free.


  • excellent scrub and stain resistance
  • APE-free
  • low odor
  • low VOC
  • very good wet edge
  • excellent film formation
  • low residual monomer content
  • ability to produce environmentally friendly coatings

EcoVAE 405 is formulated using vinyl acetate / ethylene technology along with state of the art manufacturing processes to deliver an environmentally-friendly binder that has superior scrub resistance, stain resistance, and pigment binding properties. When formulated with other appropriate raw materials, EcoVAE 405 is capable of producing coatings that are <5 g/L while being APE free. When using EcoVAE 405, coatings can be produced that meet consumers’ expectations for eco-friendly coatings.


  • APE-free
  • Low to Zero VOC capabilities
  • Low odor
  • Low residual monomer content
  • Excellent scrub and stain resistance
  • Very good wet edge
  • Excellent film formation

Avicor 381 polymer emulsion is a high scrub, formaldehyde-free vinyl acrylic designed to give superior performance in both interior and exterior paints. Its combination of high molecular weight, good film formation, flexibility and water resistance produces paint films with excellent toughness, scrub resistance, gloss and durability.

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