Customer Stories

Here are a few “business as usual” examples of Maroon creating success for customers


Logistics team pulls strings to maintain customer's production schedule

A customer realized mid-afternoon that their inventory report was inaccurate and their plant was ready to run out of a key coatings raw material. They submitted an order to us for same day shipment on their selected carrier. Although their carrier had already picked up at our facility earlier that afternoon, our Logistics team was able to have the carrier come back in for a 2nd pick up and shipped their order out that afternoon. Material was delivered the next morning, and our customer did not have to alter their production schedule.


Emergency holiday weekend delivery

On a recent holiday weekend, a customer contacted our Account Manager late on a Saturday afternoon to notify us of an emergency truckload delivery required the following Monday morning. Their production schedule had changed unexpectedly due to increased automotive demand. Based on their forecast, we had adequate material in stock available for shipment. That evening, our Logistics Manager was able to get in touch with our carrier and confirmed that they can have a truck pick up at our facility at 7:00 AM on Monday morning, before our warehouse opens. Our Customer Service and Warehouse Manager each reported to work by 6:30 AM, processed the order and the truck was loaded and in route to our customer by 7:20 AM. The delivery was made by 9:15 AM that day!


After-hours pickup for same day shipment

A customer placed an order with us at 4:09 PM for same day shipment. We successfully processed the order and had their carrier pick up the order after hours at 5:30 PM that evening. Material was delivered to our customer’s location the following morning, averting a production shut down.


Sampling Success

One of our DBB salesman was on a first visit with a prospect account. Our sales rep did not get to meet the owner of the business with whom he had an appointment. Instead, the rep left his card and line sheet with the owner’s brother after giving a brief summary of our product lines. To his surprise, the rep got a call from the owner a few days later and the owner let him know that there was a very important project he is working on with an issue he could not fix. Our sales rep was able to present a particular product that he would recommend that could potentially address his issue he was having. This request came on a Tuesday of the week, and the final formulation had to be presented to the end-user by the following Monday. More importantly, this would have been the last opportunity for the customer to come up with a product as previous attempts had failed. The sales rep put in the sample request for overnight delivery. The product went out on Thursday, but was not received on Friday. Saturday morning the rep gets a call from the owner that the product had not arrived and he was not happy at all. The salesman immediately picked up the phone and started calling Fedex, who let him know the product was delivered and the owner just had to look around. After an hour of searching the sample was still not located. The salesman called Fedex again, and Fedex let him know that the product was actually delivered to a few houses down from the correct address. To much excitement, the customer found the sample a few houses down and he started working on experimental lab trials on 3 PM on that Saturday afternoon. Through cell-phone texting, he communicated with the salesman on how to formulate and the right add-on levels to try. After several failed runs, the right levels were struck and the customer finally got the properties he was looking for - as he proceeded with testing through Saturday night. Sunday morning - he used the rest of the sample to make a 5 gallon pail of the finished product for final trials at his customer location. The customer drove two hours on Monday morning with the pail in hand as the end-user ran the formulation on their spray machines and did several trial runs. This end-user loved the product and after some additional testing, the formulation was successfully qualified.


Urgent saturday morning delivery

On a recent Friday afternoon, a customer called to schedule an urgent truckload delivery that would be required at their facility the following morning. Our Logistics team was able to schedule our carrier available for a Saturday delivery. Material was picked up by 4:15 PM and successfully delivered on Saturday morning at our customer’s plant.


Preventing a plant shutdown

This past Saturday morning, one of our key customers contacted our Account Manager to notify us that they urgently needed a truckload of material delivered that day to prevent a plant shutdown. Upon receiving this notification, we immediately contacted our preferred carrier and was able to schedule a truck to pick up in our Avon warehouse later that morning and deliver this material direct to our customer that afternoon. After communicating with our Warehouse Manager, we realized the material had previously been pulled and was on our dock scheduled for shipment the following Monday as per our customer’s original shipment instructions. We went to the warehouse, loaded the truck and the carrier delivered the product to our customer by 1:45 PM that Saturday afternoon. The plant was able to continue producing material through the remainder of the weekend.