20 Microns

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Principal Details


20 Microns is India'a Largest Producer of White Minerals with Annual Turnover of over 200,000 Metric Tons. The products available include Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Dry ground Barytes, Reactive Kaolin, Calcined Kaolin, Hydrous Clays, Dry ground Mica's, along with White Pigments & Scattering Agents. Please find below an overview of the 20 Microns Corporate Structure:

  • 6 Captive Mines and 8 Manufacturing Locations with 16 processing units
  • Total Mineral Reserves of more than 6MM Metric Tons
  • 20 Microns provides 450 grades of materials
  • 976 Employees
  • 15 Marketing Offices

20 Microns presentely services companies globally in over 35 Countries with over 1000 customers Domesticlaly. They carry the certification of ISO 9001:2000 at all of their manufacturing sites.

Product Line Products
Calcined Clay / Calcined Kaolin Glazex 90
Hyper 80
China Clay / Kaolin Super Gloss
Flatting / Matting Amourphous Alumino - Silicate Vapormat
High Aspect Ratio sub-micron Talc AR Talc T
Inorganic Water base Thickeners Hydrogel 70T
Natural Baryte Micron Barytes
Natural Mica Micron Mica
Natural Redoxide Micron Red Oxide
Natural Silica Micron Silica
Natural Talc Micron Talc
Nepheline Synite / Feldspar Silfermin FLS
Organoclay Solvent base Thickener Rio-Bent 27
Rio-Bent 38
Rio-Bent 3452
Polyethylene Wax Fastflow P
Speciality Matting Silica FMSIL 412
Sub-Microns Hydrous Clay / Kaolin Glossing Clay T
Synthetic Aluminium Silicate Megasil ZX
Synthetic Barium Sulphate - Blancfixe Basofix T
Ultrafine_Natural_Silica Vaporsil T
White Pigment Opacifier Lithomer R